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We are escaping the virus.... walkingdead.games Zombie Survival by Special Ops Gibraltar

Groups of 10 or less.
Can you survive?
*£30pp (£5 discount if you like, share and tag 3 friends not already tagged).

This is Gibraltar's unique Zombie Survival experience. It is not to
be taken lightly. Regardelss if you are a lamb or a wolf... you have a role to play.
Sometimes it is the least likely who survive?

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Sponsored by:
Pizzeria Plaza
Gib. shopping
Gib. tours
Facilities Management Gibraltar

Mission: to scavenge for food, ammunition, water and medical supplies.

A terrorist group has humanised the rabies virus. They have injected it into themselves and flown into Malaga and Gibraltar Airport.

The infected are attacking the general population and the Regiment, RGP and GDP have been mobilised. Marshal Law has been declared by His Excellency the Governor before succumbing to his wounds. Martial Law has been declared.

With an incubation period of only 24 hours it is vicious and spreading like wildfire to all those who are exposed to infected blood.

We have taken refuge with our families within the World War II tunnels in the Fortress of Gibraltar with the provisions we were able to carry. We are now desperate for food, water, ammunition and medical supplies.

Other families have done the same and the Battle of Clans for survival has begun.

Don't forget to bring:
- a helmet or hat, (is included if you do not have your own)
- a torch, (is included if you do not have your own)
- your signed disclaimer (can be picked up from High Flyer Casemates),
- your Regular Gamers Card,
- boots or trainers,
- trouser and long sleeve tops, tactical (no shorts or t-shirts),
- knee and elbow pads, (Knee pads are included if you do not have your own)
- gloves,
- water and food (drinks and BBQ is included or pizzas can be delivered).

If you don’t have some of these things it is a good idea to start buying them to become a Regular Gamer.

£35 registration per gamer with a maximum of 18 gamers in a round-robin format.

Please message for bank or other payment arrangements.
Please collect cash registration between a few of you and call me to arrange (54032555).

This event will involve entering dark places and on rough terrain with gory and scary zombie themes. SOG recommends participants be no younger than 16, yet have catered for younger gamers with parental consent. We strongly recommend that young gamers be accompanied by a parent or responsible person (+18). This event is strictly 16+ and for SOG Regulars.


Before coming to a Lazer-Tag event, those under 18 please need to get one of your parents to fill in the disclaimer.

We cannot guarantee you will be able to particiapte if you turn up and pay on the day. We cannot guarantee your spot no matter if you are a Regular or not and will take gamers on a first come first sereve basis. Arriviing late may mean another participant may take your place.

Please contact us for cash or bank details.
Tickets are non-refundable.

End of transmission.
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